June 3, 2010

Also posting

I'm not sure what to do about cross posting or not. I have another blog here : nickholmes/co.uk. It has no adverts, it gets no traffic :-(

November 12, 2007

Huge fire

Huge fire

Looking out across London there is a HUGE fire apparently at, at waterden road, straford, just where they are goig to do the olympics.

The london fire brigade latest news said "Incident - Waterden Road
Eight fire engines and around 40 firefighters are currently attending an incident on Waterden Road, East London. The Brigade was called at 1206."

November 5, 2007

Web 2.0 Expo

Black hats get no lunch.

So I'm at web 2.0 expo this week. It's starting well. I've learned how to optimise and fiddle re SEO stuff.

I also learnt if you get a speaker that likes the sound of his own voice too much then all the lunches are gone when you come out. (poor mark).

update - no coffee and wireless only works well when you can get an IP address, sat through 2hrs with no connections... wont drop my connection again...

March 4, 2007

greenhouse building

So, after many months trying to find one second hand I gave up and bought one at B&Q the other week. An 8'x6' one, that's all that would fit in the space we had (well could have had 10x6, but they didn't have one), and that only just managed.

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January 16, 2007

Quote of the day

Benjamin had a quote of the day today. Disclaimer first, if you don't know Benjamin is my 3 year old. Lying on the sofa he was playing with his willy,

vicky (my s.o) said,

"people don't want to see you playing with that Benjamin"

Benjamin replied

"so don't look"

January 13, 2007

New site

I'm planning a new site, nickholmes.co.uk, presently it just points back here, but soon i hope to start a fresh there. Hopefully i will be focusing more on technical articles, help and news around my field of work, web building. I haven't decided yet what to do with spareparts, abandon? maintain with funny stuff? remove? migrate to be the archive of the new site?

If you have any opinions please post them.

August 3, 2006

sausage bunnies

On this japanese site directions about making party food sausages into little bunnies, very cute. followed by what i think are koalas bears
, elephants,shark. then some sort of dragonfly from what looks like a carrot. Ok getting silly now, a moose too, a bird with chicks in a nest.

Finally for those with a real warped sense of food, a sausage and cheese(?) battenburg cake

javascript mime type

apparently some official bodies regarding mime-types finally caught up with the fact that ecmascript and javascript exist. So there is application/javascript
rather than application/x-javascript. but of course this wont change anything for a while yet, it will still be text/javascript for 'type' in the script tags in your html and browsers wont get it and server software wont get it. All for a few years anyways. But I guess its a move in the right direction.

(thanks to anne's weblog)

July 31, 2006

Image replacement problems

So, we were having a chat at work today about image replacement, using images to replace headings text for the puposes of prettified / designed fonts. We ended up with no options save images in pages with alt/title tags, or trying to persuade designers to use livetext with font declarations.

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July 29, 2006

Brilliant photo mapping

So, I like geo locating my photos, and now I've found Yuan.CC Maps that shows them all on a map at the same time, or at least whichever you choose to have. Brilliant !